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At Hamada Wealth Management, we understand the financial planning challenges that a family may face.  We help families create a comprehensive strategy for managing your money as you move through different life stages. It starts with the basics – setting up a budget, paying down debt, and saving – but a personal family financial planning road map can also include things like investing for retirement and setting aside money for college.

We help families with the following:

  • Putting in place a personalized, holistic, goals-based Financial Planning strategy,
  • Building a rainy-day fund,
  • Review the need of Asset-Protection for you and your loved ones (ex.: life insurance, and LTC - long-term care insurance),
  • Understanding and reviewing your various retirement plan options,
  • Saving for College expenses,
  • Determine and evaluate your current and future needs and goals,
    • We call this your personal family financial planning road map
  • Review the possible effects of taxes upon your investment & retirement goals, current and future wants and needs,
  • The importance of Tax-Advantage Investing strategies,
  • Educating and Assisting with estate planning priorities,
  • Helping with balancing your savings, budgeting, and retirement planning goals,
  • and, finally many other financial goals you will encounter through out your life.

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