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Current and Future Retirees


At Hamada Wealth Management Group, we specialize in retirement planning. We create customized plans that help you maximize the impact of your retirement savings in your golden years. If you’re approaching retirement, transitioning into retirement, or currently retired, we can help.

We can provide and assist you with any of the following possible needs a retiree might need:

  • Putting in place a personalized, holistic, goals-based Financial Planning strategy,
  • Understanding and reviewing your various retirement plan options,
  • Setting up a retirement income distribution plan,
  • Determine and evaluate your current and possible future needs,
    • We call this your personal retirement planning road map
  • Review the possible effects of taxes upon your retirement goals, future wants and needs,
  • Understanding your Social Security benefits,
  • The reality of collecting a pension,
  • Assisting with estate planning and wealth transfer,
  • Review the possible need of asset-protection for you and your loved ones (ex.: life insurance, and LTC - long-term care insurance), and
  • To setting up a charitable gifting legacy.

Hamada Wealth Management can help you potentially navigate retirement and manage the above concerns.

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